Wednesday, September 12, 2012

4 Simple Goals for 2013

I have been behind on my blogging like always but I have been re-inspired to get to my virtual documentation. Corrine's Blog, Brilliant Nature is one of my favorite's to visit. Not only are her photos always fun but her and I have had a blogging relationship since the days of Livejournal. It is through here that I found A Beautiful Mess (because some people say I look like that blog's fearless leader Elise. I see it why, but she has got a lot of me for sure!). Anyway. Upon my reemergence to this blog I saw Corrine post her 4 Simple Goals Before 2013 from Elise's challenge on A Beautiful Mess.

So I just had to participate. I couldn't help myself!

1) Cook More/Learn More Gluten Free Meals: I have talked a lot about my health and my weight struggles on this blog (seriously stay tuned for more productive posts on that). Anyway while I am having a ton of small success by slowing converting to Gluten Free (not super strictly so) I still have yet to become a cooking every day regular. I should be - I get home at a reasonable time but I never prep anything ahead of time like I should. I want that to change - as nights get chilly I want to be more productive in the kitchen and I want to memorize good quick G Free meals for myself. Before 2013 I want this to be a regular thing. 

2) Redo my bedroom. Steev & I never fixed up our apartment because we were focused on finding a house. When we realized that life had other plans for us we came to the conclusion that we are going to be at our apartment for at least another year or two. We started to paint the apartment starting with the Hallway, Kitchen & Living Room. Now onto the bedroom. We bought a new bed and I am obsessed with gray and yellow. So the painting and redecorating will be done. Once it is all in place, I will surely show the transformation. 

3) Start a book club. I know people think 'book club' and they think of store bought powdered doughnuts and housewives reading romance novels. Not the case. I miss reading and discussing ideas, making connections through words and relishing in the heart of a writer's intensions. So, I have decided to start and host a book club once a month. I am compiling a list of books that may be off beat but still relatable to most and hopefully it catches on. I am serious about it. I have banned Twilight and 50 Shades though - so don't even ask. 

4) Make a headdress. I am actually really surprised I didn't go headdress crazy yet. I think that the comeback of the 1920's metal and jeweled 'wonder hats' is fantastic and normally I gobble up any trend that requires putting weird things on my head. But - I haven't been able to afford these beauties and after salivating through the Etsy archives I decided I want to learn how to make jewelry and fasten a headdress of my own. I don't think it will be too difficult and this way I get exactly what I want. With my hair looking like an Autumn Tree (honestly, it does, and I am never changing it) I think they will make the perfect accessories for myself. Once it happens I will be sure to show it off. 

Other than that, as 2012 comes to a close I am reflecting a lot on myself. I have always lived my life as someone who has to always be in control. I am someone that if I am not where I allotted myself to be, I give myself hell. This summer I let all of it ok. So I am nowhere near being a homeowner, and my weight has been a stagnate issue and I hated my job and everything that was happening. I decided it is now time to accept it all and make the most of it. No house? Make the apartment a temporary home. Still heavy? Try something you never have before (Gluten Free!) and see where it takes you. In 4 weeks I am done 16 pounds and I have never felt better. Unhappy in my job? Find a new one. I seriously never felt more empowered than when I marched into the place I wanted to work, was persistent enough to snag an interview and now I am working a dream job that I truly, truly love. 

Speaking of which, I must get back to work. But, these 4 little goals? I think it is in the bag ;)