Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I know it is summer when all I want to do is get home from work, crack open a cold AZ Iced Tea and eat a fresh deli sandwich. I wake up wanting that sunshine to make patterns in between the leaves on the ground. The need to sit outside and to Belle and Sebastian while reading a crappy best seller consumes me. Then the months pass, the chill settles and there I am no longer longing for that cold deli sandwich (maybe a hot one), fall is happening. My make-up becomes earthier and smokier, my hair becomes a warmer darker shade and I want to get that last fresh s’more made before it gets too cold.
Long Island’s climate normally climaxes at 100 or so degrees and then plummets to chilly without a real in between. Fall sweatshirt weather is unfortunately short lived. I did however have my first fall craving the other day – a big mug of hot chocolate. It is the best part of it getting colder outside, in my opinion. Hot chocolate makes my heart happy. My husband hates hot chocolate. He hates a lot of things. It doesn’t take away my need for a mug at least three times a week.
The best part of fall for me is driving home from work. Belle and Sebastian turns into The Smiths (yes I have seasonal musical preferences) and the volume is always loud. Not only do the colors of fall surround me, but seeing the kids outside and playing is the best. At abut 5:30pm it starts to get dusky, not dark yet. When you were a kid this was the best time of year and the best time of day. It was right before dinner and you were still allowed to be outside with your friends. It was awesome watching everything become a shade of blue gray as you rode your bike down the block until you heard you Mom call you name for dinner. To me, this pre daylight savings dusk is the most magical time of day. I was never a lover of fall. My asthmatic self always found it the hardest to breathe this time of year. Plus cold is not my friend. I am one of those freaks that can stand outside in 100 degree weather and be comfortable. But these seasons have grown on me.
I have learned to find joy and comfort in every season (see my seasonal musical preferences). This weekend I will go up to Salem with my husband for the second Halloween in a row. It is amazing and a tradition we plan on sticking with for ourselves and our future family. Salem at Halloween is all fun and I am all for that. This time of year is magic in my eyes, the world slowly dies to be reborn again in spring (my FAVORITE time of year is spring).
The cycle of life is mirrored in our seasons.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Taking a second

I am taking a second (in my second post, yes pun intended) to show my support for old friends, local theater, and productive twenty somethings. I would like to direct you all to this:


Now I know I am not a popular blogger but I have to show my support for local theater and productive people who are chasing their dreams any way that they know how. Please contribute whatever you can, and go see their show if you are in the New York area.

Good day. More postings to come.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

What's Up?

Most of my life has been telling people where the nearest restroom is. No joke.
If you think about it, you yourself have most likely answered this question thousands of times each time mindlessly telling people where they can go to relieve themselves wherever you are. Your house or your job serve as the places where you would have such knowledge.
Hi, I am Stephanie. Currently I am building my own business with a couple of gals that I get along with and subsequently stuck in a retail job where I constantly direct people to the bathroom. Or the Apple Store. People always have to pee, and everyone is stuck on the Mac, so that is what my day consists of normally.
I am a typical person, and I do not know why you would find me interesting. Why would I think that you would find me interesting? I did start this blog right? So possibly someone would want to read what I am writing which is why I chose to post it onto the internet instead of keeping it handwritten in a journal somewhere.
But HEY I am putting myself out there probably to be criticized by people around me (I have heard it all before ‘why do you think people care what you have to say?’ ‘I don’t blog my life, I LIVE my life’ and blah blah blah). Honestly I don’t know why I have the perpetual need to document myself on the internet. It does not have a lot to do with people paying attention as it does my need to put myself out there. I cannot answer that, I have thought about it countless times. With every blog I start up – BOOM I think about it. But needless to say there is no answer. I just do it.
What I do know is this:
I am a twenty two year old female who is a college graduate, married, who is building her own business while potentially starting her own family. My first love and passion has been written word, and blogging helps to keep that heart beating. So welcome to my circulatory system, I hope you enjoy the ride.