Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Support Small Business: Events by Paisley Needs Your Votes!

I know I do not have a large blog following, but it cannot hurt. 

Last year, my best friend and I dove in and started our own business. 

The first year has been educational, fun, and awesome. We have had 3+ experience working together, now we are on our own. 

Obviously starting a business is tireless, and expensive, which is why we would benefit a great deal from the Small Business, Big Grant from FedEx. 

You can check out Events by Paisley's website here 

You can vote for Events by Paisley here 

Your efforts are greatly appreciated, your time is not spent without gratitude. We are truly humbled by the support of our community and by total strangers. Every day from now, until Feb. 23rd you can vote once a day. We would love to be finalists - and if you can find a few moments to help support local business we truly appreciate it!

Thanks so much,
The Paisley ladies 
Stephanie & Nicole 

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