Monday, January 23, 2012


Hello to the nobody who reads my blog – I am working on changing that ;)
Anyway for now I made some more than necessary changes to the look of my blog – ya dig? I sure do. Even if there are a few kinks still I am glad that it is all somewhat working out. I wanted to post about the changes because I have been spending a lot of time living and I am inspired by other blogs to share some things and to document more.
Since August 4th (yes the day I got married) I have been doing a project 365 to document my first year as a wife day by day. Through this project 365 some challenges have arose:
1)      We are unbelievably boring
2)      Sometimes life gets hard unexpectedly and you don’t always want to document it
3)      I forget to take photos
All in all though it has been great so far and I am so happy that I did it. But now – since the writer in me is seriously aching for some action – I must Keep Calm and Blogger On.
Since I joined Pinterest I have been addicted just like I have been on the likes of Tumblr but now I have all of these warm fuzzy feelings of sharing recipes and crafts and it makes me so motivated to be productive.
So tonight will start my resolution of cooking new things at least once a week with the Stuffed Taco Shells recipe I pinned a week or so ago. Yes I know we are nearing the end of the month but better late than never. I feel like resolutions can be made all year, changes happen at the drop of a hat, the new year is always just a good starting point but isn’t the only one. Ya know?
I will start to document my cooking adventures (thanks Corinne!) and maybe even some of my 365 pictures. While I will write my everlasting pros also I am going to implement my creative ventures because I need an outlet for my creativity and here is the blog.
I also have a blog for my business (yup I’m a small business owner) here. I’m an Event Planner, which is really, really awesome.
Any creative people want to help me with html blah blah blahs and teach me a thing or two about photoshop? I’m a little lost!
So look out for some new awesome entries.
As I would like to say to myself today: Welcome Back Stephanie, Welcome Back.

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