Monday, March 19, 2012

This time, it is war.

Yes I owe Chicago photos and more BUT let’s go for a nice Monday update shall we?

Last week I was in the ER for more stomach pains. This marks the 4th time I have been sick in a month, meaning off to the ER we go. After 9 hours, an IV and an uninterested doctor I left with a script for Vicodin and a pounding headache.

Yes, I went in with stomach pains and a detailed history of when I have gotten sick this month, what was going on with me biologically, the tests I have already gone through, how the pain was, what was a result of this pain, etcetera etcetera. What did the doctor do? Poke at me, told me I may have Fibromyalgia (was he listening at all?!) told me to drink a gallon of contrast (nope, didn’t finish it) order a CT Scan just to write me a script for a heavy pain killer and send me on my way.


What just happened? Is that why we have such a prescription drug problem here on Long Island? It is THAT easy to get the hard stuff? Go into the ER with a tummy ache? Get real!

I sat there carefully explaining that I just underwent thyroid testing but my level 17 hydroxyprogestrerone  levels were off and I was ordered an additional blood test. Also my nausea and stomach issues seemed to be happening with my cycle every two weeks (start of period, ovulation, end of period, you get it) and that seemed odd. My thyroid was clean from tests so my level 17 might be my ovaries and maybe the two occurrences are linked and my body is trying to tell me something.

‘It sounds like it could be skeletal’

‘Doctor I just told you about all of these things that are happening with me, do you think the two could be linked’

‘Oh yes you said something about your thyroid, is it hypothyroid? Because your stretch marks indicate a massive weight gain’

‘No Doctor, like I just explained I have gone for thyroid testing –‘

‘And you have an underactive thyroid?’

‘No, everything came back clean –‘

‘Ok so it may be you muscles, I may or may not order a CT get some rest while you wait’

And off he went.

This is the truth. My husband sat in awe over the fact that an ER Doctor just dismissed my claims. Now he knows how us girls are not taken seriously.

I have a very high pain tolerance and the pains I was feeling last Tuesday night were extreme. They hurt like nothing I have felt before. I was doubled over and couldn’t breathe.

So I got no answers, just a script for a painkiller I have no desire to take.

I ripped the script up in front of the Doctor. Told him that it didn’t answer anything, just masked my issues more. He just shrugged and left the room.

8 hours in pain, no answers. I’ve had it with healthcare.

What I do know is this: 3 specialists are being called as soon as I am done typing this. From there 3 appointments will be made. I am getting myself some answers.

Also – I have decided that hi, I’m Stephanie, I am overweight and effing sick of it. My weight it most likely my #1 reason for most of my issues right now. I bought ‘This is Why You’re Fat’ by Jackie Warner and finally cracked it open.


This trainer, not a Doctor but a trainer is giving me answers. This food, affects this hormone, which burns this fat, which can be elevated by this exercise. Answers. This little book is giving me big answers. Answers I asked during weight watchers, answers I asked on OA forums, answers I knew I could Google but I ate cake instead. Finally someone is talking to me like I am worth the hard work and not a failure because I love junk food. The plan is normal, and doable, and involves variety and realistic expectations and I am SO READY TO KICK ASS.

I have never felt like this before. The ER visit was a major wake-up call:

“Stephanie, nobody is going to help you until you help yourself. “

It’s on.

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