Monday, October 8, 2012

Music Monday

Since my previous post about White and Fuse's showing of It Might Get Loud last night I have been on an 'all things Jack' kick. But, I do Music Mondays (when I do Music Mondays) a tad differently than the rest - well actually I do not know how most people do it, but I like to create playlists. So, my Music Monday Playlist is as follows: 

"Death Letter" - The White Stripes
"Phenomena" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
"Song About an Angel" - Sunny Day Real Estate 
"Gold Dust Woman" - Fleetwood Mac
"She Talks to Angels" - The Black Crows 
"Apple Blossom" - The White Stripes 
"Psycho" - Imelda May
"Queen of Apology" - The Sounds
"Lipstick" - The Buzzcocks 
"Ask" - The Smiths 
"I'm Sailin'" - Mazzy Star 
"Jolene" - Dolly Patron 
"Angie" - The Rolling Stones
"The Boxer" - Simon & Garfunkel 
"Truth Doesn't Make a Noise" - The White Stripes 
"Litte Black Sandals" - Sia 
"Yellow Sun" - The Raconteurs 
"Kentish Town Waltz" - Imelda May 

As a rule my playlists always run on even numbers and have a flow to them that goes from up to down in a pleasant way for when you are listening. I actually obsess over song orders if making a mix CD or short playlists. Long playlists I design to shuffle. But anyway here are my Music Monday selections. As a rule also, I put She Talks to Angels and Angie always on the same list together. She Talks to Angels is one of my all time favorite songs to sing, and Angie has to follow at some point. I don't know when I married to two, but I did. Also, I am obviously obsessing over The White Stripe's 2000 album De Stijl. It is my favorite one, and I just cannot get enough of it. Fall is when I bust out a lot of moody favorites. I feel like adding these to Autumn's soundtrack make the leaves turn a little slower, and the colors a little brighter. But that is just me. 

And oh, have you heard of Imelda May yet? Well buy her CDs and add them to your catalog because her rockabilly style and bluesy vocals will make you swoon. This love song is one of my favorite's to belt out:

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