Thursday, October 11, 2012

Throwback Thursday

I bring you 16 year old me, and my 18 year old husband, at his Senior Prom in 2005

Taken with the always reliable disposable camera at Majestic Gardens this was one of my favorite photos for a very long time. Yes, I am extremely skinny and part of the reason for this post is to be my own 'thinspiration' but also this was my favorite prom dress. 

Yesterday marked 4 years since we got engaged. Here we were 2 years into our relationship. The day after prom we went to Adventureland. That night, we went to the beach that three years later he would pop the question and now we are married. 

We have albums filled with embarrassing prom photos, and because of nostalgic romantic me I wanted to take the time this #tbt to share. 

More essays coming soon. 


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