Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meet Jade

I am tirelessly getting my act together to write my novel. So, meet Jade - one of my main characters. This is a rough excerpt from her character back story; I am developing their back stories in depth since I need to know people before manipulating the situation. The curse of a writer.

“One thing Jade has always done is pick up on people’s mannerisms. It seems strange because obviously you notice people and their physical characteristics, but to Jade it was more. Not only does she know your tone of voice, but she knows your speech patterns. She knows your footsteps, the way your fingers curl around a book while reading. She knows your silhouette, you shadow, the way you appear out of the corner of her eye. This always came in handy in drama class. She knows how to act because she is a different character each day. Jade wakes up in the morning and knows how the day will go by who she will be – she grasps a concept and holds on not letting anything jolt her in a different direction. It is exhausting, and some days she cannot even bear to wash her face because of the weight that rests upon her. Sometimes, you can see it in her eyes, that weight. But you also sense her watching you, observing you, memorizing you. But this is not just a silly trick that she developed for herself – no.  Jade makes herself notice, so that you can never sneak up on her.”

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