Saturday, February 25, 2012


So I have decided I do not want this blog to be 100% about my health woes since life is not all about the struggles and the unknown right? 

This morning it is 11am and I am still in my pajamas. Now for most of you Saturday is a day for that, but it is RARE that I have a weekend off. But, today and tomorrow are clear sans any real plans (which makes me so happy). This morning I stare at the chipped nail polish that was fresh yesterday and staying cozy under my blanket. 

I prefer to work on my Mac at my desk, but the little HP that could is doing fine today. Once I have myself a Macbook I will have all of my work on the laptop and all of my play (personal photos, music, ect) on my desktop. Computer plans are boring though. 

Big things are happening for me right now. I’m a Stella & Dot Stylist plus an Event Coordinator for CNO with so many accounts to look after already. I love it. My goal is to own and operate a bridal shoppe one day – let’s see if I can make it happen. 

Next week my husband planned a trip to Chicago for us for my birthday. 3 days in the Windy City, we come home to my family on Sunday which is my birthday. I cannot wait to blog about that – but for now I am really just working this morning. 

I started reading The Help. I saw the movie and LOVED it, but I knew there was probably so much more under the surface. So naturally I bought the paperback and I am captivated. 

So I think this blog will be a little of my beauty tricks and tips, a little bit of the books I am reading, a little of the music I listen to, a little of my apartment renovations and a lot of my health endeavors since I really think that these syndromes are not talked about nearly enough. 

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Ok so get ready, because here I come!

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