Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 Christmas Wonderfulness

Christmas this year was great. Christmas Eve we all bonded over something silly - Ugly Christmas Attire. We either crafted our own, or like Uncle Matt - Sprung for the best sweater ever worn by Dale in Stepbrothers. I had fun with my new Canon and took a ton of photos. Christmas was a little more chaotic and my family wasn't too friendly when it came to me taking photos. There is nothing that kills making memories more than a room full of people questioning your intent on taking photos then telling you to stop. Honestly it stings a little, I know the family shutterbug may annoy the crap out of you, but I think you will be more sorry that these images get missed. 

Anyway, here are my favorites from the two days:

Steev showing off his sweater

Watching Step Brothers 


We Skyped in Mallory & her new Husband Keith with Steev's iPad. She is in the Airforce and he is in the Marines, their leave did not allow them to be home for the holidays :( but we got to see them which was great!

Poppop wrapped two small giraffe statues for Aunt Pat in several large boxes, all wrapped and inside of each other. And yes, Aunt Pat dresses as an Elf!

Awkward Family Photos for the win!

Steev & His Poppop 

My Brother & Sisters-in-law all clad in Ugly Christmas Attire and putting up with my constant photo taking. I love these shots. 

Steev & I changed into matching shirts. Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal!

Probably the best series of photos I will ever take. Steev, his sister Katie, my Father-in-Law and I chipped in to get my Mother-in-law an iPad. The first photo is her upset because she was instructed that she couldn't open her pile of presents. Then, opening, then confused because she had no idea what it was, and then totally insanely happy. 

Ok, if you look closely, to the left of my Father-in-law is my Brother-in-law Seb holding his Groucho statue he just opened. It is hysterical. 

Steev, my Sister-in-law Katie and I chipped in to get my Father-in-Law an Eli & Peyton Manning signed poster. 

Steev's favorite song is Julie London's Cry Me A River, he got it on a 78 for his new Senora Phonograph. 

Now begins the sparse photo taking at my family's on Christmas Day

My parent's cat, Chaos, hates my guts. 

My younger cousin Alex playing with Chaos. 

My brother Tom. 

My Mother & Cousin Dan. 

My Uncle Bill has the same Birthday as Jesus. 

My Ceil and Poppop

My Parents. 

At the end of it all, we came home to our glowing Christmas Tree. Steev's back is still hurting so today we are going for another MRI. I will be working on my top 100 of 2012 post to post on New Year's Eve. I hope everyone had a great holiday!

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