Monday, December 24, 2012

Music Monday: The Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas Eve Friends!

My Husband and I are extremely lucky in that his family celebrates Christmas Eve and my family celebrates Christmas Day. We are never torn during Christmas and get to celebrate in full capacity. Tonight we all made Ugly Christmas Sweaters and equipped with my new camera I will capture the festivities and am so excited! I have a ham and some scalloped potatoes that need my attention so I will get to the Music Monday part of this post!

During the reign of Mmmmmmbop I was a Spice Up Your Life kind of girl. While I did enjoy Hanson I LOVED the Spice Girls. But, in all honesty I can say that Hanson's Snowed In is in my top choices for best Christmas Albums. The kids have skills and continue to make folky poppy music with better haircuts post puberty for us to appreciate on a greater scale as adults. But, before the better haircuts was Snowed In. The renditions of the classics are really wonderful and this one is probably my favorite since I listen to it non stop all day!

Have a Very Merry Christmas Everyone!

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