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My Top 100 of 2012

Well, it is that time of year again. The time of year that I get more nostalgic than Summertime and sit and think about the last 365 days starting with January 1st and looking at all that has happened. I have to say 2012 was one of the most interesting years to date. Not as hard as other years, but not entirely easy either 2012 served many purposes. One major purpose was family. The next was my jobs and the list progresses. This is the 6th year of me blogging a top 100! My previous #1s were:

2007: Graduating from High School
2008: Moving out of Kings Park 
2009: Deleting my Facebook (<--- BAHAHAHA LOL idealistic Stephanie)
2010: Adopting Annie 
2011: Graduating from College (2011 was posted on Facebook, take that 2009 Stephanie)

Reading those makes me insanely happy. Even if there are people on there that aren't in my life anymore - whether it just be that we went in different directions or if the ending was ugly, it seriously doesn't matter. 2013 is a year I am really working on letting go of a lot of the anger I feel. I talk about it a lot but I know that inside, I hold onto everything. All it does is hurt me, the people who I am upset with don't feel this, so why should I? 

Also, I had the same blog URL for 4 years straight - WHAT?! I had no idea! CRACKS ME UP! It is so funny how you and your politics and ideas change over time - I can't even read some of it. I have come so far from 18 year old me, it makes me kind of proud. 

Well, the rambling must come to a close and the list must start! 

100. My photo wall, and everything it means to me. 

99. Panda. Effing. Garden. Chinese Food rules my life sometimes. And their fortunes are just the best. 

98. Pinterest and its all inspiring craftiness and lazy days. 

97. Our Ice Cream Maker - even if we used it only once (LOL) it was damn good!

96. Steev setting up Darts in our backyard and the silly great games that were played because of it.

95. Seeing The Hunger Games at midnight, dressed like professionals with our coffee about 10 years too late for the party. 

94. Being crafty (see 98) 

93. for the free cool stuff and the hilarity it ensues. 

92. My ever growing collection of typewriters. They are everywhere. 

91. There seriously was a helium shortage this year. 

90. Antiquing and Auctions 

89. Thursday BBQs turning into 'Tim Gets Drunk and we Yell at Phil' Thursdays

88. Our friend the Fat Squirrel 

87. The Annie Lookalike 

86. The 'Drop Your Pants Here' sign in front of the St. James Cleaners. 

85. Streaming Netflix even though it is kind of disappointing. 

84. The Urban Decay Vice Pallet. In. Love. 

83. The Lobster Feast for Katie's Birthday 

82. My hair. Another great year for my hair. 

81. Our intense collection of Mason Jars & Old Bottles 

80. The kick ass Candy Buffet Nicole & I put out. 

79. 'Do you have a photo of the day yet? Can I be it?' 

78. Photo of the Day in general. Seriously, such a great tool for traditions such as this. Also, it is just fantastic to look back and say 'wow, a lot really does happen in a year'. Also, getting photos of everyone on their birthday, and if I remember at every outing is something I really cherish. We take memories for granted. 

77. 'Wedding Wednesday' in Jan. Jumpstarting our first year as CNO 

76. All of the clients we had and the days we got to share with them. 

75. Deciding that CNO is now to take a new direction. New name to be announced and website to be launched soon! 

74. Painting most of our apartment, the bathroom is the only room left! 

73. Our awesome new bedroom, I am finally proud of the work I have done in this place. 

72. Finishing our wedding albums. Making those scrapbooks were tough for many reasons. We came to terms with being not-so-happy with our wedding photos and just relished in the memories they captured. 

71. Auditioning for the Newlywed Game. We knew each other too well, weren't too crazy, and were unafraid to say whatever we felt. The funniest part was when Steev said he was 26 when he was still 25 and I called him out on it. We could have gotten a call back and missed it - but auditioning was fun enough. 

70. Perks of Being a Wallflower - the movie didn't really ruin anything for me. Instead it inspired a level of nostalgia that made me really, really happy. 

69.  21 Jumpstreet and laughing my ass off with Nicole

68. Seeing Jackie Hughes and meeting her wonderful Girlfriend Erinn - I want to see more of them in 2013 

67. Keeping in touch with that Good Ol' Jason Todd who seems to make it on the list every damn year 

66. Keeping in touch with all of my former educators, like Cruikshank & Flatty. Facebook is helpful in that department - and these educators becoming more like friends. 

65. Losing power with Hurricane Sandy. Yeah, it ruined our Salem trip and having no power is a bummer but quite honestly the 4 day break from life was pretty fantastic. 

64. I know we already mentioned clients, but Tom & Jessica's wedding was amazing and becoming friends with them as been truly wonderful!

63. The Hamptons Designer Showhouse with my Mom, Ceil & Freddy. It was pretty amazing. 

62. Seeing Tim Bradley again and having him over for some food 

61. Actually hosting many BBQs and dinners, I am hoping to host more in 2013 

60. Steev's iPad 

59. Kings Park Half & Half - The original. 

58. Liz's Rainbow Cookie Birthday Cake (oh my goodness so delicious) 

57. Finding out that bakery makes Rainbow Cookie Cupcakes 

56. Annie eating our Rainbow Cookie Cupcakes 

55. Annie being the biggest B on earth & Annie Shaming 

54. Seb's empalalas & his face when he opened his gun for Christmas

53. Our Christmas Decorations - our trees and tree filler and colors. 

52. Being a Stella & Dot Stylist for a hot second and all of the amazing jewelry. Then selling a ton of pieces for Christmas Money. Yeah, that's how I roll. 

51. Babysitting Maggie, it was so funny to have a St. Bernard in the apartment and Maggie is the greatest. 

50. Uncle Lou's 50th Birthday Party and his Butt Cake. 

49. The Coiro Brothers recreating that childhood photo. So great. 

48. The Tattoo Convention 

47. Liberty Tattoo Company in general - Dan always does the best work and so glad to see he has a great shop to his name now 

46. Taking Alyssa to get her first tattoo and her taking it like a champ! 

45. Bowling to send Mallory off into the Airforce  

44. Skyping Mallory & Her new Husband Keith in on Christmas Eve 

43. Meeting Aunt Eleanor & Cousin Cookie 

42. The knitting fiasco on St. Patrick's Day - too funny

41. Steev tiling our backsplash and it looking gorgeous 

40. The cutie Tess turning 2 and her great birthday party! 

39. Going to see the basketball man himself Big Steve play a game 

38. Moving Big Steve in to his new apartment. Furniture shopping with him and helping him out, pretty great stuff. 

37. My cousin Amanda's new apartment in all of its beautifulness. And her party saving our Halloween from totally sucking. 

36. Sam Pape 'Roomie' and her baby girl Giovanna being such a pretty little thing. From her Baby Shower to the Naming, it was great spending time with the Pape ladies! 

35. Saying goodbye to feathers and having 3 jobs in the course of a month. 

34. My job at Sivana, and then letting it go. 

33. Being unemployed for a little while. It really helped me figure some things out, or at least let me think about a lot of things. 

32. My new jobs as a Crisis Counselor  for Project Hope and a Daycare Assistant at Little Lotus are really great, and truly fulfilling.

31. Allowing myself time to figure it out. 

30. Allowing myself time. Period. 

29. Amanda the Florist (as she is known haha) getting engaged and being kick ass all the way around. Amazing flowers, amazing friend! 

28. Alexis & Keith and growing a friendship out of a professional relationship which is pretty damn awesome! 

27. Hurricane their cat, she may hate me, but she is really great. 

26. Chaos the cat, Vera the dog, and all of the other furry creators in our lives (Maggie, Beans, Bogey, Harlow, Skeeter, Betty, Boomer and Charlotte) always making us happy. 

25. I already mentioned Annie, but she rules. 

24. Uncle Matt & Aunt Vicky's Christmas Dessert Party 

23. Steev's Tattoo that is based off of our Lovemore Photo which is pretty amazing 

22. Watching Nicole Mastromonica participate in the Tough Mudder. Even if it meant getting sun poisoning I was so proud to watch my best friend kick major ass. 

21. All of our amazing friends (Big Steve, Jen Jacobs, Nicole, Michelle C. just to name a few). Whether super close or distant being in touch with all of you makes my world a better place. There is nothing better to me than a random Facebook message or text message from an old friend. 

20. Friends that are like extended family, Rose & Pat and their beautiful kids Guslie and Patrick, The Schafers, The Wellers, The Wilsons (beautiful baby Dean!). This was the year to have people like these in our lives. 

19. Rose Avella gets another number because she is the best Auntie anyone could ever ask for. Ever. So much you have done for my family this year Rose - I love you so much!

18. My beautiful cousins and all that they do for me. Really, cousins are the best kind of family. I wouldn't want to be Panama Jack anywhere else. 

17. Alyssa, Evan & Krystal's Graduation Party. Incredible. 

16. Going to Canada. 

15. Seeing Mary Poppins on Broadway. 

14. Eating at that Cuban Restaurant and seeing Demetri Martin. He was funnier live, seriously. 

13. Even though our Halloween Trip was ruined by the storm, seeing the cute trick or treaters made it worth it. 

12. The Ugly Christmas Sweater Eve with my In-Laws. It was such a blast making ugly sweaters and sharing. 

11. My new camera and the amazing images it helps me capture. Truly I am excited for 2013 and all of the memories I get to store. 

10. Steev lighting up over his new Phonograph. 


8. The NYR/NYK Double Header. Seriously an awesome day at MSG. #Endthelockout 

7. Our Chicago Trip, eating at The Girl and The Goat. I was sick, but loved every second of that city. 

6. Our cousin city trip.  Honestly I am the happiest when my cousins are here. All is right with the world when we are all together. I have this big ridiculous family and no matter what we all have a great time together. This year instead of being lost in a hallway we got screwed at Fridays and my cousin Ryan loves me enough to take a decoration from Bryant Park that I can use for my Christmas all year - I will totally remember this trip for that. I can't wait to hopefully go back this summer to have another city trip tradition. But, this year was great, because of how much my life is better when my cousins are here!

5. Seeing Jack White at RCMC. One of the greatest shows ever and probably my favorite musician of all time. I am a little obsessed. 

4. Meeting Andy Cohen with Liz! 

3. Our backyard. Steev worked his butt off chopping trees & clearing ivy. My Father was amazing in that he came in and helped with the materials. Then my cousin Dave, our friends, my brother and my Poppop all came over to help Steev lay out the patio on the hottest days of the year. Honestly so grateful for everyone in my life. I have the best Dad anyone could ever ask for and the best husband. Our backyard is so nice, I am so excited for a full summer with it next year. 

2. Our 1 year anniversary trip to Rhode Island. Being married a full year was amazing, Steev is the love of my life and this trip was too short and too amazing. The NYLO was ultra cool and the towns were so much fun. It was too hot, but we didn't care. Loved this vacation, the dinner that my Mom called and took care of as a present was delicious. 'I didn't know they served drinks in beakers'. We laughed so much. I really loved this weekend. 

1. The NHL Winter Classic in Philly. The year started with it, and nothing topped it. From 'I do apologize' to 'I think that is Patti Labelle' and then over to me screaming Speechless to Nicole with no voice - this was a memory of epic proportions. Steev and I were sick and disgusting but it did not mean we were missing our chance to sit in the freezing cold and watch a hockey game. The Rangers KILLED IT and kept us on our feet. We were gloating fans all the way. I loved this, LOVED THIS and would do it again in a heartbeat. But hey, the NHL decided to also be a bunch of pricks this year and demonstrate a lockout preventing me from more memories. Let's not see that again in 2013....

This year, this was truly a task! I actually had to think about it, when in previous years the list just filled itself. There was SO MUCH to choose from, meaning I am truly blessed. When it comes down to it, I have one big loud dysfunctional amazing family I would never trade in for anything else because really they are there for us no matter what. I have amazing friends, and an incredibly wonderful husband. I have a roof over my head and health insurance and sometimes at the end of the week we have no food in the house but always seem to be full anyway. In times like these, little things are what get us through, and lists like this just remind me how many big things I really have.

I hope that all of you in 2013 make an effort to store your memories. Not all of you will take a photo every day but make a point to make these memories. Go do something different with people you care about. On those nights you're doing nothing, call someone else up you know is doing nothing and bake cupcakes or rent a movie together. Make a point to be together but also take time for yourself. Know yourself enough to do something that makes you happy, or relaxes you every day and do not feel guilty about it. At every New Year we make promises to ourselves, try to only make one, and keep it.

Have a very fun filled New Years Eve, and a very beautiful New Year! 

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